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Welcome to PAFCA International


  1. To act as an effective instrument in providing strategic guidance to Local Unions of PAFCA in improving the working conditions, wage scales, work cycles and schedule, retirement and medical benefits, job security and all other benefits that should rightfully accrue to all members, individually or collectively, according to the nature of the profession of those individuals engaged in the operational control functions in the aviation industry.

  2. To promote the best interest and safeguard the rights of its members and to cooperate with other groups and organizations in an attempt to protect the interests of employees engaged in operational control in the aviation industry.

  3. To ensure there is no discrimination or disparity of effort in the exercise of pursuing the professional objectives of this organization,

  4. To ensure there is no discrimination in any matter that may come within the purview of this organization as regards to race, color, creed, sex, or national origin.

  5. To represent its members before appropriate Federal Agencies and undertake additional representation and activity as authorized by the membership.

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